Alex Roy

Alex is no stranger to the barre, having been classically trained in ballet in Saratoga Springs, New York. In 2006 she entered the world of competitive ballroom dancing, allowing her to combine her passion for dance and Latin rhythm (Shakira was her first idol!) In 2011, Alex moved to New York City to pursue a career in finance and quickly found the gym as an outlet for stress relief. In the absence of regular dance practice, Barre classes offered the perfect solution to incorporate elements of dance into a fun, yet challenging full body workout. One year after moving to Boston in 2018, she received her Barre Teacher Certification from North End Yoga®.

Alex hopes to bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to class, encouraging students to work towards their fitness goals by creating a welcoming environment to laugh and sweat. Having dealt with anxiety, fitness changed Alex’s life and she is excited to have the opportunity to inspire others through barre. You can expect a rigorous workout that thoroughly tones and strengthens the body, while leaving your mind more resilient to daily stressors. 

When she is not teaching, Alex has a full time career in wealth management, securing the financial wellness of successful, yet busy individuals. She enjoys visiting the beaches near Boston, golfing, and reading historical fiction. She speaks French and Spanish.