Hayley Francis

Hayley is a long-time fitness enthusiast from the Midwest. She ran Division I track and cross country at the University of Kansas, she then trained for half marathons, and she is now a certified barre instructor. She began her barre journey at a Kansas City studio and since recently moving to Boston, she is now excited to bring her knowledge, unique style, and enthusiastic energy to the BHY community. 

You’ll find creative and challenging sequences, high energy, and an empowering environment in Hayley’s classes. She offers hands-on assistance to ensure the safety of all students and provides education on the benefits of exercises performed. Hayley is passionate about helping students reach their individual fitness goals as well as fostering a strong sense of community in and outside of the studio. She strongly believes that the work students put in on their mats and at the barre can be translated to all aspects of their lives, helping them to be the best versions of themselves.