Jaime's  practice began shortly after graduating from college and moving into the North End. Through yoga, Jaime discovered a sense of self awareness in both the physical and mental body that continues to evolve each time she steps onto the mat. She strives to help students connect their movement and breath, with the understandings that maintaining patience and acceptance with yourself is the key to a happy and healthy yoga practice.

Jaime studied under the dedicated teachers, Ame Wren, Brenna Matthews and Joanna Benevides, through the Boston Yoga School, which continues to have a great influence on Jaime's personal translation of the teachings of yoga. Expect elements of  playfulness in her sequencing while still maintaining the integrity of structural alignment. As a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, Jamie has discovered the power of staying present on and off of the mat, and hopes to share that awareness with all of her students.