Joy Polefrone

A conscientious student of yoga since 1999, Joy has been teaching since 2001 and continues to delight
in the path. With a background rooted in the the sciences, Joy’s teaching emphasizes an observer’s
inquisitive awareness and cultivation of presence in postures both on and off the mat.
Joy’s teaching style was most influenced by two of her primary teachers in Charlottesville, VA, Jennifer
Elliott and Sandra Pleasants, and the foundational discipline in Ashtanga and Iyengar they each
provided. They were instrumental in shaping her view of teaching the other seven limbs of yoga, and in
the way they lived the practice. In the years since her teacher training with them in 2005, their imprint is
ever-present in Joy’s intention for balance between discipline and compassion — and play — which she
strives to bring forth in her life, herself and her students.

Joy has also been inspired by other senior teachers in Yin yoga, meditation and mindfulness, somatic
movement and bodywork and is blessed to have studied with a breadth of teachers globally who have
each transmitted impactful nuggets of wisdom that have, and continue to shape her practice and
teaching. She is most blessed for an amazing circle of fellow students, seekers and yogi friends, who
provide her with open-heartedness, unmasked presence, clear reflections, and guidance on the path.

In addition to her yoga studies, Joy holds a Bachelors and PhD in Chemistry and spends much of her
working days in global healthcare marketing trying to crack the nut that is the Triple Aim.