Lida Hariri


Lida has dedicated most of her life to the study of the human anatomy, physiology, and disease. She first sought yoga as a hobby to complement her rigorous medical training program, and was hooked from her first class. What started out as a means to release physical tension evolved into an ongoing practice of cultivating awareness and observing the interconnected physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Lida’s passion and inspiration for her yoga teaching is unifying the knowledge of medicine and science with the teachings of yoga philosophy. Her classes take a playful, but thoughtful alignment-based approach to yoga, with a heavy focus on observation and use of the breath as means to connect with the inner body.

Lida completed her 200 hour teacher training at Boston Yoga School. She has a BS in Physiological Sciences, and received her MD/PhD from the University of Arizona. In
addition to teaching yoga, she is also a lung pathology specialist and researcher, and loves to travel and scuba dive. Lida is incredibly grateful to her teachers, Ame Wren and Brenna Mathews, who have heavily influenced her teaching style.