Vinyasa FLOW

Vinyasa is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga that connects breath to movement.  All levels are welcome in these classes, from experienced practitioners to those brand new to yoga. Expect to move through a range of guided postures and close with a relaxing savasana.


Great for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this class focuses on the most common postures and transitions presented in a vinyasa flow. Moving slowly and with intention, we will explore the intricacies of skeletal alignment and the muscular engagement required to link pose to pose. This class will help you to build the strength and confidence needed to establish a regular practice or take your current practice to the next level.


Our vinyasa flow presented at a comfortable 85-90 degrees, just enough to get the muscles relaxed and the sweat flowing!

Flow & Restore

Suitable for all ages and levels of practice, this class combines elements of vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga to release physical tension and promote mental relaxation. A gentle, grounding sequence will be used to open the body slowly. Bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks will be used to support long holds and promote deep release. Come to class ready to move, stretch, and renew. Expect to leave feeling blissed out, grounded, and calm to your core.

Lunch FLOW

A $10 version of our vinyasa flow. Appropriate for all levels, this 45 minute class is designed to break up your day in the best possible way...with breath and movement! Expect to flow through a series of postures, end with a short savasana, and return to work with a renewed body and mind.


Our power vinyasa presented at a comfortable 85-90 degrees, just enough to get the muscles relaxed and the sweat flowing!


Barre mixes elements of pilates, yoga, and dance to create a fun, high-energy, music-driven workout appropriate for all fitness levels. This challenging but low-impact class emphasizes mind-body connection while strengthening, lengthening, and sculpting the entire body.

Barre Groove

This 60 minute high-intensity class combines precise techniques with athletic intensity for a head to toe bootylicious workout. Each strength section of class is designed to be movement intensive and music driven, to keep you physically moving and mentally grooving to the beat. Barre Groove has created a performance driven routine that incorporates ballerina fluidity in movement and seamless dance transitions to give you the most out of every class.


This vinyasa based class brings extra attention to the core in order to strengthen and stabilize the body's power center. By focusing on the central structures of the body, we are able to cultivate a stable base which can be utilized both on and off the mat.


Power vinyasa is a rigorous flow that matches breath to movement. While demanding, this style lends itself to anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone and do the work. As the they move, breathe, and sweat together, practitioners are asked to cultivate an awareness of how they react to challenge, both physical and emotional. The hope is that these personal insights may be carried off the mat and into life to create greater freedom and possibility.

Prenatal yoga

This class is designed to help women find comfort during pregnancy and prepare them for labor and birth. Physical postures (asanas), meditation, and breath-work (pranayama) help women to relax and adjust to the physical, emotional and mental demands of pregnancy. Yogic philosophy and increased awareness can be invaluable tools when attending to the needs of a mother and a new child during this challenging time.

*Any stage of pregnancy is welcome in this class.