Yoga & Poetry Workshop

with Lindsey O’Neill

Sunday, October 16,  1:30-3:30pm


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver 

How do we use our life experiences and creativity to awaken and deepen our understanding of our humanity and our spirituality? Especially in a world that challenges us with how to reconcile the space between the sacred life and the secular? How do we hold space for the “both” and “and” that welcomes all of who we are rather than hardening into a stance of “either/or?” How do we care for and connect to the body that is the instrument through which our writing and our life flow? 

Our larger life events and the day-to-day still small moments can both break us open, and make us more whole. It is the sacred, mundane, and even profane in our lives that can be doorways back into deeper relationship with ourselves and our writing, while poetry and creative expression can deepen our sense of wholeness by connecting us more fully to ourselves, each other, and to something larger. 

In this workshop, we will deepen the relationship with our creative practice while we generate new writing. We will explore both poetry and mindfulness as ways of giving voice to our individual experience and the world around us, while exploring how authentic writing happens in connection with our unique embodied knowing. 

By the end of this workshop, you will have generated a few drafts of new poems, explored the way creative expression can be both a practice and a ritual, and will have new tools to use in caring for mind, body & spirit during your own creative process. Your own unique voice is your poetry. Come nourish your body, mind, creativity & spirit. 


Investment in Yourself & Your Creative Practice: $55

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Please bring a journal and something to write with. 

Please email with any questions. 


About Lindsey: 

Lindsey is an Integrative Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga teacher, Yoga and Writing Work-
shop Facilitator, and Poet. She graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in English and a concentration in studio art, and has her 200HR yoga teaching certification through Yoga Alliance.

She completed her yoga training through the New England School of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics in 2012. When teaching both yoga and creative writing, Lindsey works with a focus on breath, alignment, grounded expansion, and embodied awareness which supports practitioners in connecting to their own sense of center. She believes the tools, evolution, and perspective gained through a regular mindfulness-based yoga practice can support us in our lives off the mat, and in our creative process. In her own yoga and writing journey, Lindsey has come to find that both yoga and creative self-expression are indispensable art forms capable of enhancing our wellness, inspiring our passion, and creating embodied social change.

Lindsey teaches group yoga classes at a few studios in Boston, and has held Yoga & Writing workshops at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston’s Grub Street, at the 2016 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, and led a workshop series at a local Boston yoga studio in2013. She also co-hosted a 2016 pre-marathon yoga class with Boston’s Frank&Oak. In her own writing, Lindsey writes to give voice to the sacred and visceral and she is currently at work on her first poetry manuscript.